Nazarena Vélez after testing positive for Covid-19 for the second time: “The very idea of confinement despairs”

“Positive. No matter what. ALWAYS positive.” With these words, Nazarena Vélez confirmed to her followers, her contagion of Covid-19 in the framework of the third wave of the pandemic in Argentina.Es that through her digital profiles, the artist and producer makes content, in addition to being a strong channel of expression where -with her arrival to thousands of people- she expresses thoughts and ideas that generate reflections, such as about the standards of beauty and real bodies, among other topics.

On this occasion, Nazarena published a nice video that she made for TikTok with her son Thiago -fruit of her relationship with Fabián Rodríguez- and her partner the actor Santiago Caamaño, with whom she stars in “Amor +humor”, where in addition to transmitting her emotions after testing positive again for Covid, less than six months after her first infection.

“The intensity of the lockdown,” he began jokingly. “Beyond that it is a humorous video, they have no idea what it costs us to be locked up. Thank God we are together and comfortable in a nice house, but the very idea of confinement despairs…”, he acknowledged. About his son, he stressed that “Titi” -as he calls him- “is so social and all January he spent playing with his cousins, that now he is like a little lion locked up and also misses his brothers,” he shared.

Nazarena Vélez after testing positive for Covid-19 for the second time | Photo: Instagram @nazarenavelez

In any case, Nazarena stressed being “grateful to be able to go through this in a light and healthy way.” “Last hours of isolation,” he closed.
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