Atlético Tucumán sanctioned a player for “falsifying a positive result” of covid 19

The Dean took in the last hours the determination to sanction the player Mauro Osores, separating him from the professional squad and allowing him to train in the Reserve division, after accusing the defender of “falsifying a positive result” of Covid-19.La Tucuman entity resolved to punish the footballer, 24 years old, for “repeated labor breaches” in which he incurred, although the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ seems to have been the fact that he forged the result of a test to determine whether or not he was infected with coronavirus. Osores, in conflict with the club for some time, did not attend or carry out the preseason that the team designed for two weeks in Buenos Aires, warning that it had been a “detectable” (positive) result, after a PCR study of Covid-19 carried out on Friday, January 14, by the biochemist María Albornoz de Romero.De according to what was reported by the institution, the diagnosis disseminated by the player “contradicted” the result of the antigen test analyses (made on Monday 3) and PCR (Monday 10) carried out by the same club.” Days later, carrying out routine checks in the Integrated System of Health Information Argentina (SISA), the medical staff of the club detected that the analysis carried out on Mauro Osores by the biochemist María Albornoz de Romero appears with a result NOT detectable” reported Atlético Tucumán.La ‘dean’ entity stressed that it communicated with the health professional and she “sent the proof of the result of the analysis verifying the result NOT detectable”, he added.” From the above it is demonstrated that the certificate presented is apocryphal and to this is added the unjustified non-attendance at the training of the squad convened for Monday 31, at the José Salmoiraghi complex, “explained the club, through a statement. Osores could be negotiated and loaned to Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero, by virtue of the fact that coach Juan Manuel Azconzábal has already warned that he will not take the player into consideration, as a result of the misconduct he incurred. 

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