This is why Eric Adams, Mayor of New York is vegan

New York Mayor Eric Adams, who has declared himself vegan on numerous occasions, reacted on Monday visibly upset to questions about his alleged habitual intake of fish in a restaurant in the city, without clearly denying it. I have a plant-centered diet. Some people want to call me vegan. Vegans eat Oreo and drink Coca-Cola. Not me. I eat a plant-centered diet,” Adams replied to the question, “Do you eat fish often? In his brief response, the mayor, who published a book in which he advocates a plant-based diet “to prevent and reverse diabetes and other chronic diseases,” criticized those who follow him “like policemen” to know what he eats and what he does not eat in the restaurants he visits, but did not deny or confirm his alleged fondness for fish. Read more: Joe Biden and Tritium announce the completion of the new U.S. manufacturing plant “I’m not going to fall into this question about what I eat,” the mayor said, before settling the issue by assuring that those words are nothing more than “noise” for him, who insisted that his mission is “to make New Yorkers eat a diet that revolves around plants.” The mayor’s response came just moments after he announced the launch of a program in New York’s public hospitals to encourage healthy living by connecting patients with doctors and dietitians in defense of a plant-based diet, exercise and other habits, with the goal of combating chronic diseases such as diabetes. Adams has always publicly flaunted his vegetarian diet, which he says began in 2016, after years devoted to junk food, when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and began to lose vision. Wherever he is asked, he does not hesitate to repeat that after three months of a plant-centered diet he lost thirteen kilos, recovered his vision and reversed his diabetes. Adams “shows readers how to avoid processed foods, reduce salt intake, get more fiber, and replace beef, chicken, pork, and dairy with delicious plant-based alternatives,” though there’s no mention of fish. The book and its supposed vegetarianism have been set as an example by numerous vegan groups and personalities, some of whom have interviewed the mayor, who also boasts of cycling and leading a healthy lifestyle in all aspects. Precisely, last Friday he already announced that all public schools in the city will offer on Fridays a menu free of animal foods. An initiative that joins the existing “Mondays without meat”, launched by the former city councilor “Bill de Blasio”. During that announcement, Adams emphasized the importance of the school menu in the health crisis in the United States, which triggers problems of obesity, diabetes or asthma in the child population. More than 14 million children and adolescents in the country are obese, according to the latest data. Read more: Benedict XVI apologizes for abuses during his tenure, denies committing any personal crimeThe highest prevalence of obesity occurs in Hispanic and black children, who account for more than half, and those most affected belong to low- and middle-income households, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). TikTok; Vegan mother lets her baby eat sand and stones

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