Repro II: new conditions of access to assistance for the payment of January salaries

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Labor made official the pre-selection and selection requirements for the Productive Recovery Program II (Repro II), corresponding to the salaries earned in January. It did so through resolution 97/2022, published in the Official Gazette, where it adopts the recommendations made by the Evaluation and Monitoring Committee of the Repro II Program in its joint minutes 15, after its meeting yesterday.

In this way, companies in critical, affected non-critical and hospitality sectors that in the last two years have had a nominal variation in their turnover of less than 43.8% (fall of 30% in real terms), which in the case of the Health sector rises to 105.5% (without real variation), in line with the accumulated inflation in that period, will be able to access the benefit. Compared to the previous resolution (12/2022) that governed the salaries accrued in December 2021, there was no change in the percentage of nominal and real variation in turnover for critical sectors, affected non-critical and hotels, although in the case of health there was an increase of two tenths of a percentage point compared to 105.3% in the previous month. For its part, the main modification in relation to the recommendation of the Evaluation and Monitoring Committee is found in the rate of variation of the VAT Purchases, for which a nominal percentage variation of less than 43.8% was set, instead of 67% of the previous resolutions, and 105.5% for the Health sector.

The rest of the selection parameters were maintained, such as the case of a fall of more than 0% in the variation of the ratio between labor cost and turnover, indebtedness (greater than 0.6), liquidity (2.5) and variation in the consumption of electricity and gas energy (less than 0%). Regarding the variation in imports, it must be a fall of at least 20% for companies with less than 800 workers, and 30% for the rest, but 0% for health companies, as in the previous resolution. To access the benefit, employers must comply with the conditions according to the sector they are framed, and according to the parameters set for each one. In the case of both critical and non-critical affected sectors, they must achieve compliance with at least four of the six established parameters, of which variations in VAT purchases and the relationship between labor cost and invoicing will be mandatory. For the health sector, the four parameters that must be met must include the percentage change in the relationship between labor cost and billing.
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