Thelma Fardin confirmed that the trial of Juan Darthés was annulled

Thelma Fardin announced Tuesday night that the trial of Juan Darthés was suspended, when it was entering its final stage, because “there is no jurisdiction.” “Today a Brazilian High Court decided to return to zero the trial that was already practically over the end against Juan Darthés. A trial that cost a lot to carry out and that is suspended not because of irregularities, but because now a Court says that there is no jurisdiction. That the jurisdiction is not right and that you can not judge there, “said the actress through her social networks. ” A lot of unbearable, unfair technicalities… It is unfair that a victim has to know about so many technicalities, but the message today is impunity because I traveled to Nicaragua and in Nicaragua they said that he had to be judged. But this guy spread to Brazil,” he continued.
“Fugitive in Brazil, Brazil decides that it has jurisdiction to try him and yet today we find ourselves, after justice listened to me, listened to a lot of witnesses and listened to me, that means a level of violent revictimization,” Thelma lamented. “Everything I did then was not at all so that today three guys say: ‘there is no jurisdiction’ when they had already been issued. When a judge had already ruled on the subject. The message that is being given today is a scandal… it is a message of enormous impunity because if in a trial like mine where three public prosecutors from three different countries collaborated, international cooperation, women’s movements, endless tools to try to reach Justice that is where they ask us to go, “he added.

“They ask us to go to Justice and Justice tells us this barbarity, it is an aberration. If in a case like mine this happens, this remains for the rest of the women who decide to go to Justice. We knew we were going to encounter piolas along the way, we didn’t know we were going to encounter such weird things because this is rare,” he said with anger, sadness, pain. “To what extent does the power and influence reach so that on a trial that was already initiated and was in its final stage and that, obviously, what they do not want is that it be judged because the evidence is so overwhelming that the only thing they want is to avoid Justice, but they ask us to go to Justice. We went to Justice, we are in Justice and this is what they are saying. This bestiality, that everything done so far is useless,” he said. But this is not the end. We have the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court already has a record in which it says that this type of crime is prosecutable in the Federal Justice. And if they tell us that you can’t go to Federal Justice, we will go to local Justice, but we will continue to insist that Justice listen. It doesn’t end here, I’m tired, but I’m not defeated,” she concluded.

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