Water leaks disappear little by little in Mazatlan

Sinaloa.- Almost a month after Debate published a map showing leaks of sewage and drinking water in several settlements of Mazatlan, a tour was made and it was found that in some the problem has already been addressed, in others it is being worked, but there are many that are waiting to be repaired. The citizens’ complaint was published on January 13 and 14 on a map detailing the type of leak: sewage or drinking water. In addition, the street and colony where they were located. Solution On Wednesday, February 9, some points were visited and it was found that in Arroyo Street, in the Hacienda subdivision, the water leak was attended. In this same subdivision there were two more black water on Acapulco Street, in front of the Sepyc, and even side they were already attended. Likewise, the mega-sewage leaks located in Carlos Salinas de Gortari, on the Renato Vega and the other on the International Highway, in front of La Joya, are almost ready. Read more: They expect to spill 149 MDP for Valentine’s Day in MazatlanRezagadas In this tour leaks were also detected that have not even been attended by Jumapam personnel and are those located by the Ring Road and John Paul II. Also, in Oñate, in Las Torres subdivision. The Jumapam recognizes 200 leaks and works on them. Teacher grades student exams with memes
In 2020 I turned 15 as a general information reporter at El Debate de Mazatlan. In this time I have specialized in the areas of education, health and government. I also worked in television at a local channel in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, while studying at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua. I also worked in a newspaper of a national publisher. In the last year of Francisco Labastida’s government, I received the State Prize for Journalism on a series of reports for pollution. In 2017 the Senate of the Republic granted me recognition for my career. I have attended courses and workshops on new journalism techniques in person and lately online. I have interviewed the last three presidents of Mexico. See more

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