How to change to WhatsApp logo with a nice heart?

Mexico.- We are just a few days away from celebrating the “Day of Love and Friendship”, this coming February 14, and you can almost perceive that essence that floods the environment. For this reason, we have decided to bring you a wonderful technological advice very suitable for this celebration, with which you can change the WhatsApp logo for a heart. In the world of technology there are many applications that help us in life. Some for example serve as support for school activities and others like the one we will show you below will allow you to change the green WhatsApp logo for a nice heart. To be able to perform this action all you need to do is download the application “Nova Launcher” and follow the following steps. Once you have installed the application on your mobile device, you must download search for an image of a heart in PNG format since these have qualities of transparency. To be able to change the WhatsApp logo you must run “Nova Launcher” and select the appearance that you want your applications to have. In the interface of Nova Launcher you can find various tools with which you can modify the name and logo of your applications, including WhatsApp.Read more: Is it really possible to connect to any WIFI network without knowing the password? To do this, you must press the logo of the new account and enter your gallery, select the image you want to replace the icon and press done. Now, you can enjoy the WhatsApp application with a beautiful heart icon on the occasion of love and friendship. VIDEO. Policewoman Sacrifices herself to Save Child from Being Run Over in Maryland

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