Norway lifts restrictions imposed due to coronavirus pandemic

Norway announced this Saturday (12.02.2022) the immediate lifting of the latest restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic due to the less strong effect of the ómicron variant and the high vaccination rate.
“We can alleviate the measures because ómicron does not cause a disease as serious as previous variants. Although the contagion will rise, the number of hospital admissions is low. We are well protected by vaccines,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre told a news conference.
Norway joins other Scandinavian countries that lifted restrictions earlier this month, such as Denmark and Sweden.
The announcement implies that the few restrictions that remained in force after February 2, such as keeping a meter away and the use of masks, will disappear.
“Keeping the distance between us is no longer necessary,” the prime minister said in Oslo. In a symbolic gesture, he even took off his mask and put it in his jacket pocket.
There are only two recommendations left in force in Norway: adults with symptoms should be tested and anyone who tests positive should stay home for days, Støre told reporters.
Likewise, all entry requirements for travelers who want to enter the country are lifted.
Norway is one of the countries least affected by the pandemic in Europe, with 1,513 deaths. In addition, 91.1% of the population over 18 years of age has been fully vaccinated.

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