Martín Soria destroyed Macri; Schwartzman plays the final of the Argentina Open; They arrest a gang accused of robbing houses; LeBron James became the NBA’s leading scorer; Trueno announced his next album: "The first Argentine perreo" and much more…

1. Martín Soria destroyed Macri: “Argentina was ruled by a mafioso”

The head of the Justice portfolio took aim at the management of Cambiemos for all its irregularities in the Justice, such as the renowned “Judicial Table”. I continued reading here… 2. Diego Schwartzman plays the final of the Argentina Open

The Argentine beat the Italian Lorenzo Sonego in the semifinals in an extensive match and got into the definition of this contest for the second consecutive time.  3. Gang accused of robbing houses in Pilar arrested

The defendants were being investigated for taking cash , appliances and jewelry. I kept reading here… 4. A man was arrested after attacking his daughter and threatening his partner

The incident occurred in Berisso and the minor, along with her mother, was taken to a hospital, where she received care after the wounds with a sharp object.  5. The public hearing will be held to evaluate the energy transition tariffs

The ENRE enabled the registration of participants for the call, which will be open until eleven o’clock on Monday night . I continued reading here… 6. Historical: LeBron James became the NBA’s leading scorer

The figure of American basketball reached one of the most difficult records in the history of the sport. I continued reading here… 7. Condom Day: Why is it celebrated on February 13?

February 13 is World Condom Day, a date established in 31 countries to encourage the responsible use of contraceptive methods and curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as unwanted pregnancies, just one day before “Valentine’s Day”. I continued reading here… 8. Video: Nicki Nicole’s stellar participation in the Thunder show

The young couple who shine in the world of music showed up at the Cosquín Rock of surprise and attracted everyone’s gaze by starring in Mamichula. I kept reading here… 9. Trueno announced his next album: “El primer perreo argentino”

The rapper from La Boca, who released “Atrevido” in 2020, is about to release his second album and this Thursday it will be the turn of the last broadcast cut. I kept reading here… 10. To tears: Acru’s moving words of thanks

After playing Monoblock, the Argentine rapper sent a message to all those who live for the music that follows his work. I kept reading here…

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