Álvaro Bellolio criticizes Boric on migration crisis: “He offered pardons, the following month clandestine income doubled”

The director of the National Migration Service, Álvaro Bellolio, had words for the entry into force of the new regulations of the Migration Law. In this context, he criticized the President-elect, Gabriel Boric, for old statements on this area.
It should be noted that two weeks ago the Government took this regulation out of the Comptroller’s Office to make modifications and re-enter it being approved by the supervisory body. Today it was published in the official journal.
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The immigration authority was satisfied with what the law proposes, but took advantage of the moment to criticize Gabriel Boric for old statements about offers to migrants.
“Do you remember that cover that Boric said offers pardons, the following month the clandestine income doubled (…) People are waiting for forgiveness and the new authorities have given signs of that (…) You have to make a decision,” Bellolio said on Radio Duna.
In addition, he also had words for the future government coalition, blaming them for encouraging migration in our country without measuring consequences.
“When the Broad Front and the Communist Party go to the TC to prevent a measure of redirection to those who enter clandestinely, there is an ideological problem and it also has to do with the incentives and expectations they have had in the last year and especially because of the statements, because they promised to solve housing,” he added.
“Under these conditions a migrant without work, after the pandemic and in social crisis, if in Chile they promise a house and a visa, the incentive is huge,” he said.
Cúcuta Travel
When asked about the increase in Venezuelan migrants after the trip of president Sebastián Piñera to the city of Cúcuta, the director of the National Migration Service indicated that “more Venezuelans arrived before Cúcuta than after.”
The authority maintained its criticism of Apruebo Dignidad by pointing out that the incentive of houses and visas for migrants was more attractive than what Piñera proposed in Cúcuta.
New immigration law regulations
The Migration Law that came into force this day, brings with it the concept of redirection, which prohibits entry for six months to people who try to enter the country illegally.
“The regulation makes the law come into force: A new institutionality, visa system before coming and the redirection, which is when no effective income is made and it is requested to return,” Bellolio said.
People who entered before this regulation must make a self-report to analyze their situation, people who do not will be expelled administratively.

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