Mica Viciconte’s mom’s anger at Luca’s birth

In dialogue with Catalina Dlugi, Mica Viciconte told how she is going through her pregnancy with Fabián Cubero, who will be the couple’s first child, Luca Cubero.There the influencer, who breaks her every night on Masterchef Celebrity, talked about her emotions and the ups and downs she goes through in the face of the last weeks of gestation. Fabian is encountering a living demon,” Joked Mica who has a due date of May 7, adding that Fabian is carrying her much better than she does. Fabian takes it well, he is a partner, we had a talk and I explained that it is something I can not handle, that I need more attention, and he had no problem and put fifth. He’s taking care of me,” he explained. Then he said that his only craving was fruits, so he needs there to always be one on hand. In turn, she revealed that before luca’s arrival, she wants to take two weeks to be alone with the baby and be able to connect. Decision that did not go down well with the future grandmother, Marcela Pierrere, Mica’s mother.” I already told everyone that when Luca is born, I’m going to need two weeks alone to connect with him and get used to that new life. Some understood it, others more or less and the one who took it the worst was my mother, who got angry,” he said. To give way to the explanations offered by his mother to counteract his desire and said: “He told me that she can cook me, or do what I ask, but I explained that I need that time. And he didn’t like it a lot,” he clarified, but not before making the proviso that he may change his mind.” Eye! Out there after two days I despair and I call her to come running!”

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