Spain: 15-year-old gunned down parents and younger brother

A 15-year-old teenager shot dead his family seven times in the city of Elche, province of Alicante, Spain. As it transpired, the trigger would have been a family argument in which the mother argued with her son about the bad grades he had at school. As a result of the fight, the mother cut off the WiFi of the home and then the boy identified as Santiago took a shotgun and executed his mother with two shots, two shots at the younger brother and three shots at his father. Then, he lived 3 days with the corpses in the house until he confessed the crime to a neighbor.

Source: El País

The tragic episode took place last Tuesday night and the first hypotheses of the Spanish National Police indicate that the triple crime would have been triggered when the parents of the alleged parricide took his video game console. Then, the teenager refused to collaborate with the chores of the house, and it was there that the mother decided to cut off the internet service. It was there that the boy looked for a hunting weapon that was in the family home and first shot the mother twice. With the same gun he shot his 10-year-old brother twice. Then, when he was about to flee, his father arrived from work and found the scene of the crime, so Santiago shot him three times. With his three relatives dead, the teenager loaded the bodies and stored them for three days in a kind of pantry that the family used to store tools with which they worked in the field. The address is located in the partida de Algoda, a rural area of the Campo de Elche.According to sources of the investigation, the discovery of the crime starts from the casual question that a neighbor asked the boy. The woman crossed paths with him and told him that she hadn’t seen her parents for a long time. Spontaneously, the boy would have replied that he had killed them a few days ago. It was the same neighbor who alerted an aunt of the deceased couple, who showed up at a chalet and called the police and emergency services, according to sources in the case. Agents of the Local Police and the National Police of Elche were transferred to the scene, as well as a team of psychologists.

When they arrived, they met the young man who was already arrested after confessing to the crime in his statement. According to sources close to the investigation at all times he showed “a coldness out of the ordinary, without expressing remorse.” The teenager will remain in detention until the investigation is completed and his situation is decided. Meanwhile, the mayor of the town, Carlos González, said he felt “dismayed” by the triple crime and decreed three days of mourning.

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