They hope to win controversy in water discounts in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- Although the initiative that mandates in the law the obligation for the municipalities of Sinaloa to offer a 50 percent discount on the payment of drinking water for the disabled, retirees and pensioners was approved, in Culiacán they will not be applied, said Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, municipal president, this because the constitutional controversy that was approved by the council will be won. He explained that with which he seeks to deny the discounts on drinking water, there are three constitutional controversies that the city of Culiacán has filed against the state legislature, which it is certain that they will be won in their entirety. ” This is the third, we present one with the property that we won, we present one against the law of public security, which will also be won, and it is against that of drinking water. To all the people who do not have to pay for the water the city of Culiacán will pay for them, but you have to accredit them, it is all that has to be done, “he reiterated. Read more: If Estrada Ferreiro accuses him with AMLO, it will backfire, says Rocha MoyaThey clarified that what is sought is to offer a discount only to people who really need it, so the city council will work through a social worker and an investigation to finish those who will be forgiven the full payment of the service. Plane lands emergency on Mazatlan-Culiacan highway
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