Sheinbaum backs letter in support of AMLO, before INE resolution

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that, from her perspective, the electoral ban was not violated for the deployment he published on social networks, along with 17 other governors, in support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
It should be remembered that the National Electoral Institute (INE) ordered the 18 governors of Morena to withdraw the document in support of the president, considering that it is “government propaganda” that is disseminated in a period prohibited by the revocation of mandate.
“Rather from our perspective, we do not violate any ban. There is this resolution of the INE room, not only in my case, but many governors, governors made a demonstration on their social networks, similar to the one I did, “he said Thursday at a press conference.

In contrast, he criticized that the counselor of the institute, Ciro Murayama, answers the publications on social networks of the governors, which he indicated shows that “these counselors more than referees have become part“.
“That is what is under discussion today, even that is why the issue that has been raised in the electoral reform, because what cannot continue to happen is that some INE councilors, they are not all, are dedicated to be discussing on social networks, a demonstration of a governor, a head of government, they they are the referees.”
Governors have every right to make such demonstrations, Sheinbaum insisted, and denied that there was any anger. 

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He also took the opportunity to invite the INE to “dedicate itself to being the electoral arbiter”, as its function is established by the Constitution.
When asked if the institutions were at risk of disappearing, the head of government responded that those who lead them they are the ones who put them in danger.
“When the people who are in charge of an institution, which should be the referee, as in the case of the INE, take sides, then who is putting the institution at risk. Of course we all want strong institutions, but the institutions are not the institutions per se, there are people who are in charge of the institutions,” Sheinbaum insisted.
After the resolution on removing the deployed was issued, Morena accused the electoral institute of censorship, despite the fact that the same legislators of the party approved the law of revocation of mandate that restricts that type of propaganda, between now and the day of the consultation.
The Complaints and Denunciations Commission of the INE determined that the document is government propaganda “whose central and preponderant theme is to point out and disseminate achievements, advances, successes and government activities,” so it asked to withdraw it.
According to article 33 of the Federal Law on revocation of mandate, from February 4 to April 10 – the day of the consultation – propaganda cannot be disseminated, since the dissemination of this type of promotion is prohibited, which can affect the response of citizens.
In the content of this deployment, government actions and supposed achievements are highlighted, which, by the way, include these deceptive ones.
Here we tell you about it: Morena accuses censorship of the INE, but approved limiting propaganda; opposition also circumvents restrictions
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