San Ignacio councillors visit marginalized communities

San Ignacio, Sinaloa.- Aldermen of the municipality of San Ignacio, Sinaloa, continue to tour some marginalized communities, holding meetings with the inhabitants, to listen and take note of the greatest needs and to be able to give them some favorable response. During their visit to the town of La Tasajera, the inhabitants made the request for the rehabilitation of the road, which due to its poor conditions, made it difficult for people to move, becoming somewhat risky, especially when there was an emergency. Concepción Cruz Astorga, councilor, said that the response from the Direction of Public Works was immediate, so progress is already being made in the scraping of the road. Likewise, in Palmarito de los Ramírez, they were asked to rehabilitate the lighting of the community school, as well as a medical dispensary, the pipe of the drinking water supply well, among other necessary services. In these meetings also participated the councilors Guadalupe Mellado and Alfonso Lafarga Vega, who made some commitments with the people, to manage before the corresponding instances, the solution to these needs. Read more: They announce 6 thousand free Covid-19 tests for those attending the Mazatlan CarnivalIn addition, they indicated that they will continue their journey, since they have requests to visit from several locations. That there are no “mocha accounts” in audits
I joined El Debate de Mazatlán on February 21, 2008, as a correspondent for the mountain municipality of San Ignacio, Sinaloa. My job is to cover all kinds of events, but what I am most passionate about is writing special reports, specifically on the communities of the mountain area, villages abandoned by violence and lack of opportunities. I especially enjoy the genre of the chronicle, conducting interviews and portraits of characters. The roots of St. Ignatius are from a Jesuit missionary village full of culture, gastronomy and history. We have mountains and coast, mining, fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and livestock, as well as renowned band musicians. I try to have all of that reflected in my journalistic work. Also from time to time I cover news in the municipality of Elota, neighbor of San Ignacio. Something that has given me a lot of satisfaction is helping people to get benefits through my journalistic work. See more

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