Lizy Tagliani was happy after passing a law exam with 9

Lizy Tagliani usually shows her most histrionic and funny facet both on networks and on television. However, she is also usually very focused and committed to her university career where she studies to be a lawyer. Recently, he uploaded a publication to make a reflection and tell that after many hours of dedication he passed with a nine, a law exam and to entertain himself he prepared some noodles with butter and cheese. In the image you can see her at the Lomas de Zamora National University, where she studies Law, super smiling after having successfully passed the test.” And suddenly while I make a prize for performing well some noodles with butter and cheese … I think and remember all the times I dreamed and even once lied that I was going to college… And how life based on efforts, opportunities and the support of my old woman who was unconditional to accompany me in what made me happy, “he began by telling. ” Today touring the faculty ran through me a feeling of being where I want to be, where I dreamed. Where I could not in those years but here I am fulfilling what I once imagined. I felt the joy of my classmates when they told me 9, the desire and vocation of the teachers, the passion with which day by day we work all those who yearn to leave a mark on this beautiful life that we had to travel”, she closed happy and excited.

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