Sheinbaun alludes to justice and dismisses political persecution of Sandra Cuevas

The head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo clarified this Friday the accusations issued by Sandra Cuevas, head of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, who pointed to the Government of Mexico City to carry out a political persecution against her for the alleged aggression to two officers of the capital police who denounced her before the Prosecutor’s Office CDMX.Sheinbaum ruled out any type of “assembly” and stressed that the matter in which the mayor is immersed “is an issue of justice, not political” that attends the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City before the accusation of two agents of the capital police assaulted on February 11. This after Sandra Cuevas accused that she was never called to testify before the Public Ministry for the complaint of the agents and that the FGJCDMX integrated and presented the inquiry against her before a judge in just over ten days, when it regularly takes up to four months. In the same way, he stressed that the summons of the initial hearing to which he missed showed irregularities since one of the charges that the spokesman of the capital agency made public knowledge was not mentioned: deprivation of liberty. Sandra Cuevas also rejected that since it was announced that she was investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office of the capital, she lacked access to the investigation folder, which violates her right to due process.  “It is an issue of justice, that is my opinion, this is not a political issue, it is not an issue of another type, it is an issue of justice and who has to speak is justice,” clarified the politician, activist and scientist this Friday when questioned at a press conference of the Cuajimalpa mayor’s office of Morelos. On the possibility of some tension between the Government of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office and the Government of Mexico City, President Sheinbaum Pardo reiterated that only a complaint filed by SSC police against public servants who would have assaulted and detained them in the exercise of their functions is being followed. Meanwhile, the mayor of Cuauhtémoc denied this morning the accusations of both policemen, who even said they were slapped by her, she also rejected the crimes of deprivation of liberty, abuse of authority, discrimination and robbery with violence that the FGJCDMX considers. Read more: Sandra Cuevas misses her audience for assaults on police officers; FGJ sets new date Finally, he announced that he has evidence, testimonies and a timeline that prove his innocence, which he will make available to the media when appropriate so as not to damage the due process of the ongoing investigation. Explosion and fire by pipes in Tlajomulco

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