First international network of digital lawyers arrives in Chile

The legal industry is changing and in this context the first network of digital lawyers arrives in Chile, which allows them to offer their professional services to clients who are anywhere in the world, while allowing people to access online in a simple, secure and reliable way to lawyers who are experts in different legal matters.
With a presence in more than 90 countries, Legaroo Meets seeks to change the way lawyers connect with their clients, while also promoting these lawyers globally.
Unlike other companies, the platform is a legal marketplace where each lawyer sets their schedules and their legal fee per consultation, on the other hand, the user selects the lawyer within the platform, according to their legal need. 
In this way, it allows users to make a simple and secure payment, as if it were a telemedicine consultation and lawyers are guaranteed that the payment will reach their hands as well as all the statistics related to the use of the platform.
So that users can access different reliable professionals, the background is checked, both in experience and title, while lawyers are allowed to define their availability of schedule and rates, to serve clients, both in Chile and in other parts of the world, who often require procedures in our country and do not have availability to travel.
As it has its own technological platform, it does not use Zoom or other third-party applications, guaranteeing the protection and confidentiality of meetings and the information that can be transmitted between clients and lawyers.
For Alex Thompson, CEO of Legaroo, “this platform proposes a new way to connect lawyers with clients, allowing the former to reconcile a freer lifestyle with work and at the same time access clients from both Chile and other global markets. For example, young lawyers, women lawyers looking to combine their professional work with their family role, as well as any lawyer who wants to take advantage of the platform’s attractions.”
To access the services, those interested in a legal consultation must enter, select the country, practice area, languages spoken and schedule an hour to meet online with their lawyer. 
For lawyers who are interested in entering this legal marketplace, they must enter the same link, register, wait for their data to be validated and can try the Beta version for free for 6 months.

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