Mayors of Mazatlan find it difficult to decide before the carnival

Sinaloa.- The councilors of Mazatlan, Martín Pérez for the National Action Party (PAN), and Reynaldo González Meza for the PAS agreed that the authorization of the carnival was difficult in the face of the pandemic situation. It is reported Martín Pérez detailed that it is reported by the media about the details of the maximum party of the port.” Some sanitary filters have been put but in the area of Olas Altas it is almost impossible to have the healthy distance and the use of masks because the attendees walk in the fun, “said Martín Pérez.The mayor stressed that the responsibility must be shared, the authorities when installing protocols but the citizenship is the one that must abide by them. Read more: Coronavirus Sinaloa: today’s latest news February 27 on Covid-19Reynaldo González acknowledged that carnival is an important party and profits for the tourism sector. “When you enter, they do ask for your mask, they check your temperature, but inside the party area they don’t. Hopefully in the coming days covid cases will not increase. Until now, in the images they have not seen that they make that huge health protocol, “said the councilor for the PAS. The so-called The Directorate of Medical Services calls on the general population not to lower their guard and take care of their health, even if they are already vaccinated with the booster, they can get Covid-19 again, because the Ómicron variant is more contagious. The deputy director of the Margarita Maza de Juárez municipal hospital, Jesús Ramón Gómez, said that the operations and sanitary protocols that are carried out in the port are correct, but people must be responsible and take their precautions, because the activities that are carried out in any city cannot be suspended. ” We must not neglect and say, nothing will happen to me because I am vaccinated, nothing will happen to me; that is not because being vaccinated it occurs, but with less damage, because it goes to a state of flu, it already goes to the lung with inflammation and that it remains to be intubated or have to use oxygen at home, “he said. Read more: They move the carnival party to the beaches of MazatlanThe deputy director of the municipal hospital insisted on calling on the population to use masks, constant hand washing, avoid crowds, and if you have any symptoms of flu, go to receive care so that you have an immediate diagnosis. Ukrainian Soldier Goes Viral for Dancing on Tik Tok Video

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