The harvest season is approaching in the valleys of Casablanca, Colchagua and Maule

The harvest season is a great winegrower activity in Chile. The harvest of grapes takes place every year and is part of an important economic income for the country. An activity that was strongly affected by drought and high temperatures this 2022 and that different farmers are generating strategies to supply this shortage.
From the Veramonte Vineyards winery located in the renowned Casablanca Valley, Sofía Araya, chief winemaker of the vineyard, tells her expectation for this 2022. “We have very good expectations regarding the harvest of this season, however we are very aware of the climatic conditions that may come from here on out for the later varieties”
Viticulture is deeply conditioned by the climatology of each production area, although the drought has affected the properties for more than 10 years, this has been strongly increased with rainfall well below normal, which has a direct impact on the productivity of its wineries.
As every year, Viñedos Veramonte continues to take all the necessary measures to make a rational and efficient use of the water resource, applying all the technology they have available. The important balance obtained with the application of organic agriculture also positively influences the lower need for water by the plant.
“With organic management, which is applied in 100% of our vineyards, we hope to have a tannic maturity, sugars and acidity earlier and well balanced, which has a very positive impact on the qualities we hope to obtain for our wines, with which we are very optimistic of the results we will have of this 2022 harvest” explains Araya.

On the other hand, one of the valleys that has been affected by water scarcity is the renowned Maule Valley. A favor that is leading winemakers to adapt their crops, times and winemaking processes in Chile.
“The vineyards that have less water available are from the coastal areas. In these areas it is that we should have more damage. So far the only vineyard with a symptom of stress that we have is the province of Cauquenes, “says Santiago Achurra, general manager of Requingua vineyard.
The executive director of the renowned Toro de Piedra wines, assures that the degrees accumulated in the last season delayed the harvest by a week and a half. A slower maturity that will probably allow to have better natural acidities than the last two years, at least in whites.
“In terms of quality we have very healthy grapes at the beginning of the harvest, in addition to still having good foliage. Again the water availability factor will be very important in quality to achieve optimal maturity,” adds Achurra.
Compared to 2021, this next harvest will be longer. Until February 16, harvests were estimated to be about 10% higher compared to last year, this due to a spring season without cold and with favorable weather to a good flowering and subsequent curdling
The only thing they can assure is that the Chardonnay from the Arquen area that were harvested for their sparkling wines are with a perfect balance between aromatic maturity, probable grade and acidity.

About the parties and activities to celebrate this activity, everything has been transferred to virtuality so in the vineyard its focus will be to demonstrate all these practices in various materials through its social networks.
On the other hand, this farming activity is always accompanied by celebrations. In this context, the renowned Colchagua Valley, which stands out for delivering the best Carmenere in Chile, invites you to live the experience of the harvest, but always respecting the sanitary ordinances of the Minsal.
This 2022 the Association of Vineyards of Colchagua reinvented itself and will hold a celebration around wine very different from that of previous years, since this year the party will not be held in the Plaza de Santa Cruz and will not have free entry, but it will be a smaller event, limited to the capacity of the plan step by step, and with entry exclusively with the acquisition of a cup and the benefits that this entails.
The appointment will be held on April 1, 2 and 3, at the polo field of Viña Laura Hartwig, commune of Santa Cruz.

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