Lyna Bekkiche, Paulo Londra’s whistleblower, spoke for the first time on television: “They told me I was going to ruin his life”

In the last hours, Paulo Londra reacted to the statements of his former partner and mother of his daughters, Rocío Moreno, who denounces him for “economic compensation”. “It’s simple, more money more problems, and some have nothing better to do than problems,” the musician posted on the social network, words that were answered by Lyna Bekkiche, a young Spanish woman who also denounces him for episodes of violence and for being forced to terminate her pregnancy. Always making arguments and excuses for what others do when that is only a cause of your immature and mediocre behavior. You don’t change,” Bekkiche replied, following the artist’s tweet.

Lyna Bekkiche replied to Paulo Londra

This Thursday afternoon, the young Spanish woman spoke for the first time with Intruders where she detailed her case, which years ago she exposed through a series of tweets on the social network.

Lyna said that at the time she found out she was pregnant, Londra was at the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas. “I first told the photographer, who was my friend. He blocked me, he was scared by his work. We have already clarified it, we continue to speak to this day, we follow each other, we answer each other stories and he already asked me for forgiveness,” he began.
Once he found out he was pregnant, he sought to communicate with one of Londra’s best friends, Piero Graziani, who reportedly would also accompany him as his representative. “I call him, we talk, and he tells me that he was not going to tell him now because it was the Latin Grammys, that he was going to wait to return to Argentina. And when they came back they called me,” he said. They told me they sent me money to have an abortion but he didn’t ask me how I was doing, or my decision. I told him that since weeks had passed I had already imagined the baby. And when I told them ‘I’m going to have it,’ they cut,” he added. This caused Graziani to travel the next day to Spain, they met but “at no time did he talk about the baby, nor about Paulo during the first days.” “He was very intelligent, but he asked me about myself, what studio … trying to manipulate me. He ignored me for a few days until I started to press on the subject and told me that I should go to a clinic to check me, and then go to an abortion center, that they would help me boost my musical career, that they knew people from Warner, that with a baby I would not be able to be a singer … the same after everything that happened to me and the criticism I received I no longer want to be an artist. They told me I was going to ruin Paulo’s life,” he said. The voluntary interruption of pregnancy was carried out on November 27. “The abortion was paid for by Piero, I guess with Paulo’s money. Then we went to eat and he told me he was leaving,” he said, and that was the last he knew about them. Lyna tells for the first time all these facts through a chain of tweets, just days apart that Paulo and Rocío announced the arrival of their first daughter. “While I am, I want to apologize to Rocío and her relatives for everything that happened and I also want to send them all my support since I understand her as a woman!” she wrote today on Twitter.

Lyna Bekkiche and a message for Rocío Moreno

Regarding the complaint, the young woman assures that she tried to “take legal action but did not find the exact reasons because there is really no exact crime for that”, but or that more comes closer is “manipulation and damages and prejudices”. As for Paulo, he maintained that “she is a person who when accused, will disappear,” he concluded.

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