Brewers create new beer association in the Los Ríos region

As a result of four meetings, three online and one face-to-face, coordinated by the Sercotec Valdivia Business Center during 2021, plus the creation and updating of the Brewery Cadastre of the Los Ríos Region, carried out by students in practice of the Austral University of Chile; Valdivian producers found an opportunity to expand their businesses and form an active brewing guild in the region.
This is how Cerveceros Artesanales de la cuenca Valdiviana A.G. seeks to generate spaces for linkage and conversation among beer entrepreneurs in the area, where they discuss marketing issues, the weaknesses and strengths of the sector, as well as the business opportunities that are presented to them.
Renato Álvarez, from Cerveza La Colorina and president of the association, comments that “Valdivia is known as the brewing capital, and we as a guild want to strengthen that reputation, as well as tourism and the local economy in the beer field. We want all our customers to have a quality product, and to be recognized in the city as a strong, united and collaborative trade association.”
With the support provided by the Generalist Advisors of the Sercotec Business Center of Valdivia, Salvador Fuentes, Luis Medina and Hugo Hidalgo, the association is days away from being formalized, product of the initiatives and meetings that they managed to carry out during the year 2021. In this same way, they hope to continue providing accompaniment in the efforts of the next stages that the group needs.
Álvaro Gómez, from Cerveza Kilaleufu and secretary of the A.G., highlights the support provided by the Business Center, as a client and in relation to the meetings that were held.
“This allowed us to realize that if we are constituted we can have a great business. We want to be recognized as part of the economic axis of the region, improve our processes and strengthen the sector, so that everyone can enjoy a rich craft beer,” he said.
So far, producers from Máfil, Valdivia, Paillaco, Panguipulli and Corral are part of this initiative, but they hope that surrounding communes will continue to be added. With this, they aim to continue promoting the recognition of the industry at the regional and national level, holding different meetings and creating a roadmap of the association, to establish its steps to follow, around the problems and opportunities in the area.
Finally, the directive of the association emphasizes that the group has no barrier to entry, that is, any brewer who is a small producer, with initiation of activities and is registered in the Agricultural Livestock Service can be a member or partner.

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