Digital education: Training young people in Testing, the tech trade of the future

Testing is a trade of the software industry, a process designed to ensure that the code of each application we use daily on our smartphones, computers and tablets, among other devices, fulfills its function. It is also useful for detecting errors and failures, fixing them, and providing a valuable experience to users. In our country, the Chamber of the Argentine Software Industry (CESSI) affirms that, at present, the position of Tester of management and quality control is in the number five position of the most requested in this industry. That is why Coca-Cola, in partnership with the Civil Association, will train young people from all over the country virtually and free of charge to continue democratizing access to a digital, inclusive and quality education.” Today Testing is the gateway for thousands of young people who have the dream of making their way in the field of technology. Having the possibility of providing such valuable knowledge for today’s world of work fills us with pride, because at Coca-Cola we work every day to make a difference,” says Mariale Álvarez, Director of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability of Coca-Cola Argentina and Uruguay.
The Testing course has a duration of 4 months (16 weeks), with two weekly synchronous classes of 1.15 hours, to which is added the time dedicated to the resolution of tasks, participation in forums and consultation spaces, which has a requirement of 10 hours per week of dedication. Although no prior knowledge is required, participants will have to participate in an entrance interview and to finish the course they will have to pass a final exam. The contents of Testing encourage the development of technical skills, management skills and soft skills, such as teamwork, logical and analytical thinking, commitment, self-confidence and proactivity. In addition, asynchronous content specially designed for learning through practice and experience, and special support manuals for consultation classes are provided. The course is intended for young people between 17 and 24 years old who have a Secondary degree and who have completed the First Shipment or Undertaken course, the initiative promoted by Coca-Cola during 2020 and 2021 with the aim of raising the level of employability of young people through the acquisition of work skills and digital tools. ” Currently, there are many active searches for positions in the software industry that need skilled workers. Young people have advantages to train and insert themselves in this sector that not only offers the possibility of a first job but also of starting a professional career in an area with prospects of continuing to grow in the future, “said Marcela Czarny, Executive Director of the Civil Association Chicos.netProgramON and Emprendidos: a proposal for integral education
In addition to the presentation of Testing, Coca-Cola has already opened registration for the third edition of Primer Envión. The training lasts 6 weeks and addresses issues about the future of employment, putting together a CV, training for job interviews and the use of job portals. In addition to this, the Company also launched the second edition of Emprendidos. Focused on the process of entrepreneurship, the course encourages young people to imagine, design and develop their projects. The course has a duration of 12 weeks and the contents are divided into 3 modules (Undertake 1.0, Let’s do the math and A click). Florencia, Belén and Santiago are three of the more than 600 participants who passed through the virtual classrooms of Emprendidos during 2021 and took their ideas to action. 

Young people between 17 and 24 years of age from all over the country who reside in Argentina and are studying the last year of secondary school (in any of its modalities) or who have completed the school cycle and are not pursuing higher education can participate.  In both cases, places are limited. More than 4,000 young people reached
During 2021, ProgramON reached 2,400 young people, which are added to the 1,200 who attended during 2020 and the 600 who passed through Emprendidos last year, so there are already more than 4,000 children who received some of the trainings of Coca-Cola and the Civil Association For more information about registrations and news, enter the official Instagram account of Coca-Cola Argentina or the corporate site.

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