There are already 80 Argentines who left Ukraine

According to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Nation, there are already 80 Argentines who managed to leave Ukraine, due to the Russian invasion and bombings.” Until this Saturday, March 5, 80 Argentines have been able to leave Ukraine to different countries, through permanent coordination between Argentine diplomatic representations, as well as the collaboration of local immigration authorities,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. In turn, they revealed that among the people who were able to leave the aforementioned country are the wife and two children of the footballer Gerónimo Poblete, who were in Kharkov.

So far, 80 Argentines have left Ukraine for different countries, thanks to the permanent coordination between the diplomatic representations of Argentina in collaboration with the local migration authorities. — Argentine Foreign Ministry (@CancilleriaARG)
March 5, 2022

“To date, 80 Argentines and 14 foreign relatives of these Argentines have graduated from Ukrainian territory,” he said in the text released. Likewise, the Foreign Ministry commented that Argentina arranged a mission of White Helmets and installed a Mobile Consulate, composed of consular personnel, and specialized volunteers to assist Latin Americans arriving from Ukraine to the border of Polonia.La aforementioned initiative aims to facilitate the documentary processing, provide psychological containment and facilitate the logistical means for their passage through the border.

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