Katopodis defended the agreement with the IMF and launched a message towards 2023

The Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, today defended the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the refinancing of the debt contracted in 2018 by President Mauricio Macri and launched a message to the interior of the Frente de Todos, amid the internal divergences generated by the agreement reached between the national government and the international credit organization. In statements made to Futuröck FM, the official said that this agreement will allow “to order the macroeconomy that is the main objective we have to face the most daily issues, such as inflation, and how the increase in prices hits the pockets of the people.” Katopodis also referred to the 2023 presidential elections and linked the fate of the ruling party to the evolution of the economy and the resolution of internal differences within the ruling front.” It is won in 2023 if Argentina grows, if we have a strong political cohesion in the Frente de Todos and if we can definitely fulfill a good part of the purposes that we committed to there in 2019,” he said. Asked about the internal differences within the ruling party, he said: “In the main we are all aligned, but I respect the decision of the comrades and those who have doubts about the convenience of this agreement.” The fundamental thing is that this agreement can be voted on and we can take the first step on a path that has to be to underpin the recovery. What is non-negotiable in the Front of all is that we do not have fissures, the day there are sectors that think differently in the model there we are in trouble, “he stressed.

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