Putin tells Macron he will get his goals “by negotiation or by war”

Vladimir Putin said he will get “his goals” in Ukraine “by negotiation or by war,” in a telephone conversation Sunday with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, the French presidency said.
The Russian leader also stressed that it was “not his intention” to attack Ukrainian nuclear power plants, according to a source in the French presidency.
During their hour-to-45-minute conversation, Macron found Putin “very determined to achieve his goals,” including “what the Russian president calls ‘denazification’ and neutralization of Ukraine.”
Macron is still trying to reach agreements
In its previous exchange, the French presidency reported that Macron believed that “the worst is yet to come” and that Putin seeks to take over “the whole country.”
Putin also called for recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea (which Moscow annexed in 2014) and the independence of the Russian-speaking territories of Donbas (eastern Ukraine). Demands “unacceptable to Ukrainians,” the French presidency explained.
Macron urged Putin not to endanger civilians, in accordance with international law, something that, according to the Russian leader, is not happening.
Putin blames Kiev for failed evacuation of Mariupol
The French president responded by saying that it is “the Russian army that is attacking,” and that he has “no reason to believe that the Ukrainian army is endangering civilians.”
Putin blamed Kiev for the failure of the operation to evacuate civilians from the southern port city of Mariupol, surrounded by Russian forces, according to the Kremlin.
Putin wanted to “draw attention to the fact that Kiev continues to fail to comply with the agreements reached around this serious humanitarian problem,” according to a Kremlin statement, after two failed attempts to evacuate Mariupol, with both sides accusing each other of having broken the ceasefire.
Macron had expressed concern about attacks on Ukrainian nuclear facilities, after Russian forces besieged Europe’s largest power plant in Zaporizhia on March 4.

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