What’s new in WhatsApp Plus 19.10.0?

A few weeks ago WhatsApp Plus enabled version 19.10.00, bringing with it a series of improvements to increase the experience on users’ devices. While WhatsApp Plus isn’t updated as often as the original version of Meta, every time a new version emerges so do improvements to the app. For this reason we will tell you some of the innovations that came with version 19.10.00.It should be remembered that in version 19.00.00 of WhatsApp Plus tools were included to be able to see indefinitely the photos or files that self-destruct. Also, the previous version added the option to always be “online”, in addition to other tools known by users of this APK, such as color change, state privacy, message encryption, hide online content among others. Meanwhile the APK 19.10.00 that was released a few weeks ago three some unique features, as well as fixes to some security flaws that were presented in the previous versions. In relation to this, this new version of WhatsApp Plus adds tools that will allow you to put a lock on certain conversations, with which you can hide your chats from those curious who seek to snoop on your cell phone. In addition to this, the application also allows you to color the popcorn only when the message has been answered, so you can avoid some conflict by not answering a message when you have seen it. Read more: WhatsApp Plus: How to update the app with the new APK 19.10.0? Another function is that they can schedule text messages to one of your contacts, which can save time when greeting or having to send a file in the indicated time. VIDEO. Police beat women in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

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