VIDEO. Guard opens fence between hobbies of Querétaro and Atlas

Queretaro.- Lugo of the unfortunate events that occurred in the Stadium La Corregidora during the meeting between the Roosters of Querétaro and Atlas of Guadalajara, began to circulate videos where one of the security managers is shown opening the doors that separated the fans of both teams. To the above are added the statements made by fans of the Atlas, who assure that they were encapsulated by aggressive followers of Querétaro and affirm that it was the police who opened the doors of the boxes of visits to the mob enraged by the results of the game. “Suddenly we saw how the Queretaro fans start running outside their zone, they came from the right side and suddenly we see that they start to come out of the left side to corner us. We see how they stop in the family area and start beating the families of the Atlas,” Fran Ceballos told national media outside the soccer stadium. Read more: Queretaro vs. Old conflict between huachicoleros and CJNG “The police instead of helping us opened all the bars so they could beat us,” the young man added. The young fan of the Atlas del Guadalajara explained that the match was like any other and there was no reason to fight, that there was only a response from the batons. To the statements of the young man are added videos that were captured by the fans and the television cameras that were broadcasting live the sporting event. In the clips circulating on social networks you can see uniformed people open the bars to the fans of both teams, to allow the passage of an angry mob dressed in the colors of Los Gallos del Querétaro.So far it is unknown if the uniformed man who opened the doors of the boxes was a policeman or a security guard hired to maintain order during the event. This fact propitiated the violent encounter between the truncheons of both parties, where the followers of the Atlas were defenseless before a group of people who beat them mercilessly. The violence that arose during the 61st minute of the Atlas-Querétaro meeting, held on March 5, was evidenced by those present on social networks, where strong images and videos of the injured people and the aggressors were published. In the same media, users claim that at least 17 people died because of the aggression, but Governor Mauricio Kuri denies this figure. According to official data obtained at the close of this edition, the brawl that occurred in the Corregidora stadium left a balance of 26 people hospitalized, 24 men and two women; of which, three have already been discharged, three continue with a serious state of health, 10 delicate and the remaining ten have minor injuries. Read more: No one passed away? Between tears, he confirms that his friend died in Querétaro vs Atlas (Video)”It is unacceptable that a tragedy like this, because it is, despite not having dead, is a tragedy,” condemned the governor of Querétaro during a press conference held on the morning of this Sunday, March 6.

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