Silvia Süller denounced a policeman for gender violence: “His life is a lie”

Silvia Süller denounced for gender violence a police officer in the City of Buenos Aires, with whom she had a relationship. “He’s a psychopath, I don’t know how to explain to them. He got into my life by going through the door of my house with the patrolman. He gave me a chocolate and we exchanged phones,” he began recounting to describe situations that will lead to Justice.This was detailed in an interview with El Run Run del Espectáculo (Crónica TV), a cycle led by Lío Pecoraro and Fernando Piaggio, where he revealed the identity of the officer in question and detailed the episodes he lived. He is the police officer, José David Donaruma, of Comuna 1. I called the woman, Luciana, and told her everything that happened. She has an 18-year-old son. I’m going to denounce it,” he said.

Silvia Süller denounced a policeman for gender violence: “His life is a lie”

“We stayed for three months. We had a touch and go, I’m not in love or anything. On Tuesday he deleted everything I had on my phone. The pictures of my daughter, of my grandchildren when they were born… I lost all that,” said the former vedette, while acknowledging that she felt some protection for having the conversations, and that they served as evidence. His life is a lie. I called her partner, Luciana, to tell her everything that had happened. He never told me he was married. I found out he has an 18-year-old son. I’m going to make the complaint,” Süller promised, concluding: “What he did to me, he’s going to pay for it. I am spiteful and vindictive.”

On the other hand, in recent days, a fragment of an interview that Süller gave to Memoria, a program hosted by Chiche Gelblung on Channel 9, went viral, where she defended a forceful feminist position before the sayings of Esther Goris and other guests such as Marina Bergés.

“I stand up for women. Because I wouldn’t want anyone to live what happened to me. In general, men use you, leave you on the street, leave you full of children and are not interested in anything when they leave. I’m tired of going to bowling alleys at night, where the police come and take the girls away. I because I am known and the owner invites me, but I see how they take the girls and how they mistreat them. They take them to the blows, to the kicks, they hit them… But with what right do they do that? Why don’t they put hidden cameras or go raids on government house, Congress or police stations?” he asked at the time. Words that in light of the various cases of gender violence, and hours before the next Women’s Strike for the International Day of Working Women this March 8, are interesting to highlight.

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