Sasha Sokol talks about her relationship with Luis de Llano

“The only responsibility was to keep silent,” Sasha Sokol wrote on her Twitter account before talking about a topic that marked her life and for her is taboo: the love relationship she had with Luis de Llano when she was just 14 years old and he was 39. the singer explained on the social network the losses she experienced at a young age because of the relationship with the producer, who almost tripled her age when they first started dating. From the age of 14 I wanted to believe that I was responsible for what happened. Today I understand that my only responsibility was to remain silent,” he wrote. Read more: MhonI Seer: “They are already fighting for inheritance and Silvia Pinal is not yet dying”Luis de Ya no… As long as women in my situation do not dare to speak the truth, there will continue to be men like Luis de Llano,” he added. In the series of tweets she accused the producer of lying and manipulating the truth about the relationship he had with her, which lasted four years. Two days ago, Luis again made false statements about our relationship. He abused me then and abuses me today by manipulating the truth. By wanting to minimize it to absolve its responsibility in the facts… When the relationship started I was 14 and he was 39. I was in Vaseline with Timbiriche and I was clearly a child. We were together for almost 4 years.” Sasha Sokol said that her parents did not like the relationship she had with Luis de Llano, so they took her out of the projects of Vaselina and Timbiriche, they also sent her to study outside the country with the intention of taking her away from the producer. However, the romance continued until she was close to coming of age. The former member of Timbiriche explained that ending the relationship with Luis de Llano cost her because he was and is one of the great producers of the industry and feared that it could end his artistic career. Why does he lie every time he talks about me? Because he knows perfectly well that what he did is a crime. Throughout our relationship I was a minor,” Sokol wrote before explaining how difficult it is for her to talk about it. What would my life have been like if Luis, instead of putting me in his bed, had done his part, which was to take care of me? I’ll never know,” he added.What did Luis de Llano say about Sasha Sokol? During an interview with Yordi Rosado, Luis de Llano stated that he had a relationship that lasted four months with the ex-hilt, when she was 17 years old and he was 42. Yes, I did have an affair with Sasha, I fell in love and he sent me to the devil, I admit it, I had a moment when we lived together a lot and I was very much in love with her and one day she told me nothing to see, and nothing to see and it was over, “he saidRead more: Susana Zabaleta is discarded by the absence of her son MatíasThe producer came to affirm that Sokol was only looking for a father figure in him, while he fell in love with her.

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