Maya and Gal’s mother denounces her father for theft

“Where are Maya and Gal?” asks their mother, Carolina Medina, who reported that they have been missing and incommunicado since last Wednesday, when her ex-partner and father of the teenagers forcibly abducted them, with the consent of a judge in Morelos.
The lawyer accompanying the girls’ mother, Monica Torres, said Thursday that the girls were handed over to their father against his will. He attributed this to possible acts of corruption committed by the father, who managed to take his daughters, of Mexican and Israeli nationality, despite the fact that Carolina Medina claims to have the guard and custody in both countries.
At a press conference, Torres said that the father of the minors of 13 and 15 years old, Guy Dorel, who lives in Israel – where he is from – requested through this country the restitution of Maya and Gal, although legally it corresponds to them to be with their mother and despite the fact that they repeatedly expressed that they want to stay in Mexico with her.

“This request of Mr. Guy Dorel was approved by the State of Israel, and causes the Ministry of Justice of this country to make a request to Mexico through its central authority, which in this case is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), which in turn requested the intervention of the Court of Morelos for having the location of the minors in this place. In this sense, the mother was designated as the subtractor, but she is the one who holds the guard and custody,” said the lawyer.
According to the jurist, to ensure that on this occasion the process was given in his favor, the father argued that he had not granted permission for the minors to leave Israel, “which is false because there is the power of attorney that he granted, where he gave authorization for them to travel to Mexico in the company of their mother.”
After these events, in 2015, Carolina Medina was diagnosed with breast cancer, which Maya and Gal’s father used to point out that she was not suitable to take care of them. Afterward, he pointed out that if his daughters wanted to stay in Mexico it was only because of their mother’s illness.

Now, with Carolina Medina free of cancer, the lawyer accused that Guy Dorel undertook this action “without respecting the will of his daughters,” who stopped living with him since 2011, when he married for the second time to another person with whom he lives in Israel.
By court order they must stay in Mexico
The dissemination of the case on social networks reached the account of Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, who asked for support from Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and the SRE.
On the same day, Ebrard announced that the matter was “bulletin at cdmx airport, not allowing abuse. It’s the instruction we have.”

Already bulletin at the CDMX Airport, do not allow abuse. It’s the instruction we have.
— Marcelo Ebrard C. (@m_ebrard) March 10, 2022

The National Institute of Migration (INM) reported that by court order it maintains a migratory alert in its 194 international transit points to prevent the departure from the country of the two minors related to the family trial in Morelos.

By court order, in the best interests of children, the @INAMI_mx maintains a migratory alert in its 194 international transit points, to prevent the departure from the country of 2 girls, of Mexican mother and Israeli father, in relation to a family trial in the State of Morelos.
— INM (@INAMI_mx) March 10, 2022

So far, the teenagers remain missing. Therefore, his family and schoolmates announced that they will continue to hold protests to demand his appearance and that the authorities allow them to stay in Mexico.
This Friday, they held a protest in the center of Cuernavaca, and since the day of the disappearance of Maya and Gal have shared messages of solidarity on social networks. These are mainly teenagers from Morelos, schoolmates of the minors, who say that they told them that they wanted to stay with their mother.
For Carolina Medina, the most important thing is to know that her daughters are fine, that they allow them to decide where they want to be and that they are not forced to leave with their father, whom they accuse of having violated them.
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