The PPD Raúl Soto will assume presidency of the Chamber of Deputies

Deputy Raúl Soto will preside over the Chamber of Deputies from March 11 to October 21, 2022, after an agreement of eleven parties and independents.
Soto (Rengo, 1987), deputy since 2018 for the O’Higgins Region, with a past in the DC, will later be replaced by the former student leader and communist matron Karol Cariola (October 22, 2022 to June 30, 2023).
The remaining four presidencies will be divided between Miguel Ángel Calisto (DC), Yovana Ahumada (PDG), the Frente Amplio and Vlado Mirosevic (PL). Likewise, the first and second vice-presidencies were assigned to the PR, FA, PS, PC, DC and PPD.
“We have managed to reach an unprecedented agreement with a wide diversity with the political forces that have a parliamentary representation. From the FA we are sure that the will for dialogue and collaboration will prevail,” said Catalina Pérez of RD and who led the negotiations, reported Radio Biobio.
All this was the result of an agreement of the PS, PPD, PC, Green Ecologist Party, the DC, the Radical Party, the FA, the Social Green Regionalist Front, the PDG, the Humanist Party and independents.
On the occasion, the presidencies of the 27 committees of the Lower House were also decided. The first year, they will be chaired by the CP (7), PS (6), DC (3), PDG (3), PPD (2), PR (2), FA (2), PH-PEV (1) and PL (1).

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