Minister Vallejo reiterates: “We are not going to extend the State of Constitutional Exception in the Wallmapu”

The Minister of Government, Camila Vallejo, addressed the future of the State of Constitutional Exception in the south and reiterated that the measure will not be extended as the previous administration of Sebastián Piñera had been doing.
“What we can say, for the moment, is that we are not going to extend the state of constitutional exception in the Wallmapu, it is what we have said permanently and we reiterate it,” said Minister Vallejo, after participating in the “prayer for Chile.”
It should be remembered that the measure is in force in the provinces of Biobío and Arauco (Biobío Region), as well as Malleco and Cautín (Araucanía Region).
The head of the Segegobse also referred to the support that President Gabriel Boric gave to the Constitutional Convention in his first speech as head of state.
President Boric said in a move that was considered risky that “we are going to decisively support the work of the Constitutional Convention,” in addition, adding that “we have to listen to each other in good faith, without caricatures so that the exit plebiscite is a meeting point and not a division.”
The risk would be that the rejection in the exit plebiscite wins, however, the spokeswoman minister ruled out that the President’s support for the drafting body could be harmful to the government. “What would politics be if we did not take risks, we have risked a lot to be able to reach the government, to have a Constitutional Convention,” he said.
“Many were left behind to achieve this historic moment and, therefore, our duty and mandate is to take care of the constituent process and ensure that in the exit plebiscite we leave behind the legacy of the civic-military dictatorship,” Vallejo concluded.

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