The blue dollar closed at $199: the lowest value so far in 2022

The downward trend of the foreign currency in Argentina continues and in this new day values below 200 pesos are presented, with a price in the parallel dollar that closed at 199 pesos, after falling 0.5 cents in what was this Tuesday, March 15. Since its record of 223 pesos in January, the currency fell 10.3% in the informal market so far in 2022 and accumulates a total decline of 7.5 pesos or 4.1%, which marks the lowest value in the current year. On the other hand, the financial quotes remain at their lowest since December: the cash with settlement trades at 188.87 pesos to the seller and the Stock Exchange or MEP, 187.14 pesos. Meanwhile, the official dollar adjusted 0.07% to stand at 114.80 pesos. In this way the savings or solidarity version was 189.42 pesos. The wholesaler traded at 109.31 pesos up 0.10%. The volume traded in the spot segment was US$ 263 million, in the futures sector of the Electronic Open Market (MAE) operations were registered for US$ 3 million and in the Rofex futures market US$ 333 million were traded. According to financial market sources, the BCRA culminated its participation in the wheel with a marginal purchase of U$S 500 thousand. So far this year, it has accumulated acquisitions of U$S 557 million.

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