Tinelli’s complaint in the LPF: seeks to challenge the renewal of authorities

The Professional Football League (LPF) is still in a delicate moment thinking about its future and this time a new presentation was given by Marcelo Tinelli, who was displaced from his position, but insists on compliance with the rules by presenting a request for challenge on the electoral process to renew authorities. The president of San Lorenzo made a presentation in the Justice challenging the holding of the elections based on a series of irregularities such as the validity of the mandate of the authorities of the Board of Directors (until 2023), the non-inclusion of the consideration of the management in the items of the agenda of the Assembly, the non-dissolution of the Super League yet, the non-presentation of all the requirements of all the candidates and even a bad inclusion.” The passage of time only confirmed that this was nothing more than an institutional coup. As part of this attempt to impeach, an electoral process plagued by all kinds of irregularities and anomalies began,” Tinelli published in his letter addressed to the presidents.

One of the central points has to do with the poor inclusion of Hernán Arboleya in the list. Arboleya, is currently An Alternate Member in Lanús, after two terms in which he was first pro-secretary and vice president later. In this way, he cannot be a full member of the Maroon Commission nor can he be part of the Board of Directors of the League.In his claims, Tinelli is clear about his message and made it clear that he will not appear in any position of the League when there is renewal of authorities, but that “in no way can I leave micargo in the middle of a dirty campaign of such dimensions, without considering my management and that of those who accompanied me on the Board of Directors.” The electoral process must be legitimate, transparent and complying with all the corresponding steps” clarifies in a plane where he also questions issues related to the arrival of the VAR and the appointment of referees, after suspending the ssorteo with bolillero, as had been happening. The complete menu of Marcelo Tinelli

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