A typical family needed $83,807 to not be poor in February

A family of four needed a monthly income of $83,807 in February to not be considered poor, while to avoid being destitute they needed $37,413, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC). The Total Basic Basket (CBT), which defines the level of poverty, increased last month by 6.6%.  The cost of the CBT of $ 83,807 doubles the value of the minimum living and mobile wage that the Government arranged, which with the April update of 18% will increase to $ 38,900.

For its part, the value of the Basic Food Basket (CBA) soared by 9%, a new threshold that determined the indigence line in February. Therefore, one family needed $37,414 to avoid being considered destitute. It is worth mentioning that in the last twelve months the cost of the CBA accumulates an increase of 52.2%, in line with the inflation of the period, while the CBT rises by 44.5%, since February of the previous year, below inflation. In turn, according to the official figures of the INDEC, a family of five members required in February an income of $ 88,146 to not be in a situation of poverty, while to avoid falling into destitution needed $ 39,351.On the other hand, for a family group of three members, the income should have reached $ 66,720 in the same month, to avoid poverty and $29,785 monthly to not be destitute. Finally, in the case of an older adult, the value of the monthly income in February to not be poor should have been $ 27,122 and not to fall into destitution of $ 12,108. 

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