Jmapam in Mocorito is prevented from anticipated drought in Sinaloa

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- Given the forecast of anticipated drought, the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Mocorito (JMAPAM) is preparing with maintenance to water treatment plants in the municipal capital and rancherias will be helped with pipes, as announced by the manager of the paramunicipal, Héctor Guadalupe Prado Ibarra.Since 2021 an anticipated drought has been forecast in Sinaloa due to the lack of rainfall in that year, which led to the drought season being brought forward even up to two months earlier. According to studies, in Mocorito a moderate drought will be obtained compared to the municipality of Ahome, which will have an extreme drought during this season. “Before the drought hit us in April or May and now it will hit us from this month of March,” said the manager of the JMAPAM. According to reports from the National Water Commission (Conagua), a severe drought is expected especially in the north of Sinaloa, approximately from Culiacán upwards, because in the south the dams do have good storage, said Héctor Guadalupe Prado Ibarra. Given the situation, a work plan is being implemented so that the inhabitants of Mocorito have sufficient supply. Héctor Prado said that for the moment maintenance and reinforcement of the water treatment plants are being given to provide water to the inhabitants of the municipal capital, while the citizens of the communities will be supplied with pipe services. “We are training wells to supply the pipes and that there is a supply of water,” he explained. Mazate de los López, Mazate de los Sánchez, Palo de Asta, El Recodo, La Tasajera, are some sections of the southern zone that present difficulties in drinking water services, so they will be very aware of the conditions. On the other hand, in the southern zone the communities that will also suffer during the drought are Rancho Viejo, Las Aguamitas, Juan Escutia, among others.” These communities are going to feel the drought, because it is coming a little strong,” said the manager of the JMAPAM. Read more: Ballots for revocation of mandate arrive at the District Council 09 of the INE in Guamúchil, SinaloaPrado Ibarra urged the community to take care of the water and use it strictly as necessary. “Do not go around watering your sidewalks or streets, try to use the water as little as you can,” said the manager of the JMAPAM. They propose to create in the Aguamitas, Navolato, the largest nudist beach in the world

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