Sexual abuse in women’s football: two coaches arrested

The beginning of the week was not at all encouraging for Argentine women’s football with the appearance of a new complaint for sexual abuse of minors within a club, which this time affects players of Argentino de Quilmes, in a case in which this Friday was given with the accused. After a three-day operation, the police managed to arrest Omar Leonardo Giménez, 52, and his son Diego Omar Giménez, 27, who served as coaches of the lower divisions and who are denounced for “aggravated sexual abuse and grooming.” The Functional Unit of Investigations (UFI) 8 of Quilmes, as well as personnel of the UFI 1 of Berazategui, carries out the investigation that was presented by representatives of two minors of 13 and 15 years and another woman of 21, all soccer players, who were harassed through social networks and even one of them had carnal access.

Yesterday, the CD of Argentino de Quilmes met with the families of women’s football. — Club Atlético Argentino de Quilmes (@ArgdeQuilmesOf)
March 15, 2022

The eldest of the complainants is the former sister-in-law of the youngest of the Giménez, who abused her since the age of 12 and said that she was harassed by the same man, who asked for photos in her underwear and naked, while he himself sent her that type of images via cell phone. In addition, once the man stayed to sleep in the family home, he carnally abused the girl. After the request for capture against the coaches, they were given to the gua and passed through different houses until they were intercepted in the vicinity of the bus station of Luján.On the other hand, Argentino de Quilmes had expressed days ago about the case, assuring that “the club carried out the corresponding complaint, presenting himself as a particular victim. At the same time, psychological and legal restraint will be provided to the victims.” The Department of Gender and Human Rights will be created, which will be in charge of implementing the necessary protocols to deal with situations such as those experienced,” the institution said in its social networks.

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