The original name chosen by Santiago del Moro and his partner for their third daughter

Santiago del Moro and his partner María José Sánchez are on their way to receive their third daughter. The driver and his partner already have Amanda and Catalina and now they will again be parents of another girl. For this reason, and after the insistence of his colleagues, the driver revealed what is the name chosen by the family for the new member. In fact, according to Del Moro, the name was chosen by her sisters who began to investigate and finally came to the decision that the little girl will bear the name of Santa! On the other hand, Fernando Piaggio said that María José will give birth through a cesarean section scheduled for next March 23, so the family is at this time finalizing every detail. At the same time, Santa’s arrival revolutionized telefe’s reality recording schedule. so the production advanced recordings: “On Saturdays up to two programs, and on 3/22 the grand finale of MasterChef is recorded.” She is a very dreamed baby, very sought after. I try to be the best dad I can and I love this thing about changing diapers and being there, it fascinates me. I’m happy with another girl, it’s a field in which I move very well,” Santiago had told Intratables, upon learning of the happy news.

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