Ukrainian Ambassador calls for Mexico to set sanctions against Russia

The ambassador of Ukraine in Mexico, Oksana Dramaretska reiterated her call to the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to set sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, because she considered that not doing so is “financing this war”, in which Ukrainians have died. This was pointed out by the Ukrainian ambassador in an interview for the CNN news network to whom she shared some of the aspects around the situation in Ukraine and the position that Mexico has shown in the face of events. The diplomat recalled that although Mexico’s position has been before the UN, the Security Council and other international organizations to condemn the war and vote in favor of the resolutions that are discussed in these bodies, Mexico has not been willing to join the economic sanctions like other allies of Ukraine. Mexico’s position from the beginning was very clear condemning Russian aggression… Here we have to be very clear that Mexico’s position within the UN is very important and is in favor of Ukraine. We have no doubt about Mexico’s position. Another thing is to join sanctions that we have asked the Mexican government, as we have seen the government has not willing to join the sanctions, however, these sanctions that have been imposed by other partners, the European Union and the United States, Canada, work, “said Dramaretska.He explained that on the side in Mexico it has been seen that the business side has joined the sanctions, as happened with Bimbo that decided to leave the Russian market in the face of the problems that this means to maintain a commercial bond during the war. He also mentioned that the support of Latin American countries has also been very clear to condemn Russian aggression with the exception of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela who have taken care to vote on the resolutions. To conclude the ambassador, Oksana Dramaretska reiterated her call to Mexico to join the economic sanctions against Russia, as she considered that the money that Russian President Vladimir Putin receives from these countries is used to finance the war. Read more: “It’s time to meet, to do justice,” Volodymyr Zelensky threatens Vladimir Putin?” I will again call on the Mexican government to join the sanctions. Not to participate in sanctions, is to participate in financing this war and we have to end this. Well, with this money that Putin receives from all countries, with this money this war is financed. And they are dying, boys, girls, the Ukrainian people.” Plane crash left one person injured in wooded area of Villa Guerrero

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