Carabinero who fired in march was released after expert reports

The carabinero who fired yesterday during a march of the Confederation of Students of Chile (Confech), leaving a 19-year-old wounded by bullet, was released, after being considered to have acted in self-defense.
In this way, the Public Ministry determined that the uniformed policeman should be released, ensuring that “after a series of expert reports, the Prosecutor’s Office determined that the first antecedents would show that the uniformed man would have acted in legitimate defense, which is why he ordered the release of the non-commissioned officer, who was warned waiting to be summoned by the persecuting entity.”
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Moment in which the shot of the Carabineros official against a student in the march called by the Confech is recorded.
In this regard, the public criminal defender Octavio Sufán, explained that “our representative, after being approached by a group of about 20 demonstrators who beat him on the ground, drew his service weapon to disperse the young people, shooting to the ground. And according to the first reports, the bullet would have bounced, injuring a person outside the protest, and that resulted in a minor subcutaneous wound.”
In this way, it was confirmed that the 19-year-old was a food delivery man, was not a student or participating in the demonstration, being injured because the shot of the carabinero bounced off the ground.

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