Ahome corn growers alerted for drying problems

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The Local Board of Plant Health of the Valle del Fuerte launched an alert to corn producers in the Ahome region, in the face of the problems of drying that are occurring in some productive areas. Francisco Javier Orduño Cota, manager of the agency in charge of monitoring regional agricultural plant health, said that this situation cannot be attributed to the appearance of any particular disease, but rather is the result of all the stress that the crop has been accumulating during this season, as a result of a series of situations that have been presented and that have affected the development of the crop “In recent weeks there have been cuts of the water supply to the crops in the management chain between Conagua, Irrigation Modules and users, which has caused stress in the crop, coupled with a second stress due to heavy irrigation as this has been applied extemporaneously. This water stress associated with other nutritional factors, mainly nitrogen deficiencies, predispose the corn plant to the attack and colonization of primary, secondary and even tertiary phytopathogens, causing the plant to begin an agonizing phase of termination of life until it dies completely. ” Read more: A success! 60 thousand visitors received Expoceres 2022 in Los Mochis, Sinaloa He revealed that unfortunately when the disease begins there is no “magical” product that saves it, so its management must be preventive and this is achieved through good agronomic management of the crop. Drying problems are occurring in some productive areas of the Valle del Fuerte. Photo: Debate He announced that the JLSVVF has qualified technical personnel from the field and laboratory that will provide free service, consult them and advise you on the correct management of your crops, He insisted on this situation has not been neglected by the producers, but rather a product of the very particular consequences that have occurred in this season, so to clear any doubt call directly to the technician who touches you or talk to the offices with the lines (668) 8120787 and 8122186 or visit us at the facilities of this organization located in Los Mochis; Ahome; Higuera de Zaragoza; San Blas and El Fuerte, or in the technical facilities located at kilometer 9 of the Los Mochis-Ahome highway, where phytosanitary professionals will advise them at no cost. GPO fertilizer plant does not pollute: Guillermo Elizondo
He is an Agronomist Phytotechnician. He graduated in 1987 from the Higher School of Agriculture of the Valle del Fuerte-UAS. That same year he joined the journalistic activity in the newspaper El Noroeste. In 1990 he joined the newspaper El Debate and since then he has covered the sources of the agricultural and economic areas. He has participated in the coordination and edition of the agricultural supplement of El Debate. He has knowledge of photography, which has allowed him to give full coverage to agricultural sources. In addition, it knows the performance of other productive activities such as: the financial sector, agriculture, fishing, livestock and mining, among other activities that positively impact the state’s economy. See more

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