Zacatecas kidnapper arrested in Aguascalientes, fleeing justice

Calvillo, Aguascalientes.- A 31-year-old man, Héctor N, was fleeing Zacatecas after having an apprehension order in force against him for the crime of kidnapping, was arrested in Calvillo, Aguascalientes by elements of the Secretariat of Public Security of the State.  The individual originally from Zacatecas was placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities. In Jaltiche, Calvillo, state police assigned to the police security post were the ones who marked the stop to a motorcyclist because his unit did not carry license plates. In Aguascalientes, that was the first hint of suspicion that led to the kidnapper’s capture. The security elements approached him to question him about the situation, proceeded to consult in the C5 SITEC, the data of the motorcycle to verify that he did not have a report of theft, as well as the generals of the driver. The search system found the identity of the subject Héctor N. of 31 years of age who had an arrest warrant in force for the crime of kidnapping in that state, so he was arrested and made available to the Agent of the Public Ministry of the Common Law.Read more: ! Justice! Arrest in Aguascalientes of alleged femicide of Joceline (VIDEO) Through the National Security Strategy, surveillance operations have been implemented in the different states, the capture of this kidnapper is an example of this. For now, the Attorney General’s Office of Aguascalientes is carrying out the corresponding inquiries in the detainee’s file.  Currently according to data until February from the Criminal Traffic Light in Aguascalientes, during the second month of the year, there were 0 incidents of kidnapping.  VIDEO. Joceline’s alleged femicide arrested in Aguascalientes

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