Deputies approve General Law on Mobility and Road Safety

With 347 votes in favor, 26 against and 106 abstentions, the Chamber of Deputies approved the draft decree issuing the General Law on Mobility and Road Safety.
The Mobility and Road Safety Law, approved in the plenary session of the Senate in December 2021, includes a new regulatory framework and requirements to reduce road deaths, of which a record number of at least 40 per day are recorded in Mexico, an increase of more than 30% in seven years.

#ÚltimaHora 347 votes in favour, 26 against and 106 abstentions. The Plenary approves, in general and in particular, the opinion with draft decree by which the General Law of Mobility and Road Safety is issued. Returned to the @senadomexicano
— Chamber of Deputies (@Mx_Diputados) March 29, 2022

The opinion to the minute refers that the law will aim to lay the foundations of the mobility and road safety policy, through the National System of Mobility and Road Safety and the information provided by the Territorial and Urban Information System, in order to prioritize the displacement of people, particularly groups in vulnerable situations.
According to a statement from the Chamber of Deputies, the approved project highlights that mobility is the right of all forms to move and have a comprehensive mobility system of quality, sufficient and accessible that, under conditions of equality and sustainability, allows the movement of people, goods and goods, so that people will be the center of the design of programs and plans.

It also states that competent authorities should ensure that mobility is available to all people, on an equal footing, without discrimination, at affordable costs and clear and timely information.
The law, composed of 82 articles, states that the principles of mobility and road safety, hierarchy of mobility, rights of victims of traffic accidents and their families, distribution of competences, and road safety for infrastructure.
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Collectives accuse that Morena sought benefit for the automotive industry
Collectives and legislators in favor of the new law accused that the government and members of the Morena caucus sought to modify Article 54, for the benefit of the automotive industry, reducing the security obligations that the vehicles they sell must have in the future.
According to Miguel Ángel Toscano, director of Refleacciona, one of the organizations promoting the law, it was the Ministry of Economy that gave the instruction to stop the law, after the automotive industry claimed that it could create a “technical barrier” to trade, by establishing that any car sold complies with international safety standards mandatorily.

During his participation in the discussion of the project, Deputy Javier Borrego Adame, of Morena, said that the transport sector is not against the issuance of the legal framework, but “must integrate its proposals, visions and needs”, which is why he presented reservations to the opinion, which were approved by the assembly.
The legislator pointed out that his reservations have the purpose of improving and strengthening the law to “guarantee the right to mobility, as well as to promote national competitiveness”, therefore, he said that “it is necessary to establish rules and processes that avoid discretionary actions, regulations and excessive or additional charges that affect the economy of the people” –
Borrego Adame commented that it is necessary, through legislative work, to guarantee the legitimate interests of the social and productive sectors of the country aimed at safeguarding all rights and all people.
Reservations presented by moreno deputy Pablo Amílcar Sandoval were also accepted.
The draft decree was approved in general and in particular, with the modifications accepted to the assembly, so it was returned to the Senate for constitutional purposes.
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