Increases in corn and wheat prices estimated by war

According to the National Chamber of the Processing Industry (Canacintra), the war between Russia and Ukraine more than a month after its beginning could cause a rise in the cost of corn and wheat, a situation that would affect Mexico. The increase in the costs of corn and wheat is directly related to the price of fuels and fertilizer production, so Cancintra points out that the cost of corn has increased more than 44 percent and wheat a rise of 22 percent. The representative of Canacitra explained that currently producers have to spend more than 24,000 pesos to buy a ton of fertilizers; there are even those who have had to buy them above 30,000 pesos. It may interest you: I would not have rented a house in 100 thousand pesos per month: says AMLO for ‘gray house’ of José RamónAlthough the problem of the increase in production costs of both inputs was already something that was seen seeing, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, to deepen it. It was on March 14 of this year, José Antonio Centeno Reyes, national president of the business organization had already warned about the rise in prices in raw materials in Mexico derived from the conflict between both countries. “Eventually some supply chains are going to be affected by that supply of raw materials,” he said during a press conference at the time, given the impact on consumers, he said that it is still complex to calculate in Mexico specifically. Cicotur points out an increase in prices in tourist services up to 21 percent According to figures presented by the Center for Research and Tourism Competitiveness (Cicotur), he pointed out that prices in tourist services that include area transportation, travel packages and lodging, registered an increase of up to 21.2 percent in the second month of 2022.  Likewise, according to information from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), they point out that air transport registered an increase of 21.2 percent, compared to February 2021, when the second wave of Covid-19 was registered. You may be interested in: Nuevo León. These data are due to the demand of the trips that have recovered, although not in their entirety, if in comparison with the second month of 2021, this in the midst of a large number of hospitalizations, deaths and the beginning of vaccination due to the health emergency.  Group of Ukrainians go out for a ride in a Russian war tank!

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