Instagram, Bellamente and Anybody Argentina united against fatphobia and fat-hate

Today begins the campaign #NuestrosCuerposLibres in Argentina, an initiative that unites Instagram and the bellamente and Anybody Argentina foundations with the aim of making visible the stigma of weight and contributing to the public debate on fatphobia and fat-hate. 
The campaign has the participation of activists Samanta Alonso, Agustina Cabaleiro, Laura Contrera, Brenda Mato and Santiago Fernandez Pello, in interviews conducted by Fito Mendonça, with the aim of inspiring the entire Instagram community through their personal experiences. In addition, 7 carousels were produced that feature educational illustrations developed by Lia Copello (@lacopecope) that will be published on the Instagram accounts of Bellamente and Anybody Argentina.

“We want to foster a positive space where people feel comfortable expressing themselves and being who they really are. That is why from Instagram this campaign was launched, to make emerge different voices of fat activism in Argentina and, together with expert organizations, educate and raise awareness particularly among the youngest of our community to combat discriminatory discourse, learning to identify it and to do our part not to reproduce it.”, commented Gabriel Recalde, Public Policy Manager for Latin America on Instagram. people based on their physical build, which leads to discrimination and the representation of stereotypes. #NuestrosCuerposLibres is another step towards the construction of a more positive and inclusive space of expression on the internet, bringing more visibility on the existence of a support community for people who may be going through questions in relation to their own body or image. Additionally, and in this same vein, earlier this year Bellamente officially joined Instagram in the fight against eating disorders and became partners of the Instagram Help Center. “This campaign is an example of how communication can be a tool to generate awareness and social impact in favor of body diversity. I celebrate the space of visibility to this social problem, and I hope that #NuestrosCuerposLibres reaches places where fat-hatred is still taboo, “said Candela Yatche, leader of the Bellamente foundation.
When we talk about fatphobia we refer to all actions, discourses and practices that prejudge, mock, reject, marginalize and violate the rights of people under the pretext of fatness. In the case of fat-hate, reference is made to the rejection, discrimination and violence suffered by fat people just because they are fat. This term arises as a complement to fatphobia since the word “phobia” refers to the fear or fear of something, as if it were not controllable or voluntary. On the other hand, this type of discrimination seeks to make it clear that it also implies hatred and displeasure for those people who have a body outside the socially accepted standards based on social stigma and the culture of thinness. “Today our links are mediated by social networks and it is of the utmost importance to have the commitment of them to denaturalize and make visible these violences.  We want to live in a society where the way we see ourselves is not a value in itself, a society that embraces the diversity that we are, much more just and egalitarian for all,” said Mercedes Estruch, leader of the Anybody Argentina foundation. 

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