Filo Agenda: Special “April 2”

This April 2, on the 40th anniversary of the Day of the Veteran, former Combatants and Fallen of the Malvinas Islands, national museums throughout the country commemorate this date with different activities under the same slogan: Malvinas unites us.

From the Argentine Ministry of Culture they propose to deepen the dissemination and visibility of the Argentine sovereign rights with respect to the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime spaces, as well as the persistence of a sovereignty dispute – recognized by the United Nations – still unresolved today. The National Government will carry out different activities to remember and reaffirm our sovereign right over the Islands.Malvinas in the national museumsAt 12:30 pm the official act will take place at the Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands Museum, in which the highest national authorities and special guests will participate, which will be broadcast live. The flag will be hoisted simultaneously in different parts of the country: Ushuaia, Chaco, Rosario, Malvinas Argentinas, Bariloche and Salta.The singer, former Malvinas combatant and survivor of the ara cruiser Belgrano Darío Volonté will perform the song “Aurora”, and the singer Dolores Solá will perform a version of the Argentine National Anthem. In addition to the words of national authorities, there will be a special closing with a performance of the song “I only ask God” In the National Historical Museum (Defensa 1600, CABA) will be held at 7 p.m. the talk “The Falklands War and rock”, with José Luis “Paya” Sosa, former combatant of the Falklands War.In the Historic House – National Museum of Independence (Congress 141, San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán) will develop the day of reflection “Museum, cinema and history”, with audiovisual content. From 7:30 p.m., the film Illuminated by Fire, by Tristán Bauer, will be played on the façade of the Historic House, and throughout the day, in the room of the Lola and Choko childhoods, the chapters of The amazing excursion of Zamba alluding to the date will be screened.

The Casa de Ricardo Rojas Museum (Charcas 2837, CABA) invites you to participate from 4 to 6 p.m. in the meeting “Malvinas in poetry”, a face-to-face event integrating the homonymous cycle coordinated by Jackie Couriel and Nora Falabella, which the Museum has been developing with workshops for adults and for children, where it is proposed to rescue the history of the Malvinas Islands and bicontinental Argentina through poetry. The activity will have an LSA interpreter. You can see the list of participating activities and museums here. INCAA commemorates the Day of the Veteran and the Fallen in the Falklands War with a special program. Next Saturday at 18 you can see on TV the documentary “Buenas noches Malvinas”, by Ana Fraile and Lucas Scavino; at 20, the premiere of the documentary “Detrás de la sombra, civiles en la guerra de Malvinas”, by Matías De Lellis; at 22, the war drama “Argentine soldier only known by God”, by Rodrigo Fernández Engler; and at 23:55, the premiere of “Palabra por palabra”, by Edgardo Cabeza.
In addition, during every Saturday of the month of April at 18, the signal will put on your screen a different documentary linked to the commemoration. On April 9, you can see the premiere of the documentary “The collapse of time”, by José Luis Romano, on the 16th will be broadcast “The exact shape of the islands”, documentary by Daniel Casabé and EdgardoThe video on demand platform Cine.Ar Play joins the cycle “MALVINAS: 40 YEARS” with a carousel composed of thirteen feature films, six short films and a documentary series. All films will be available from Saturday 2 to Saturday 30 April. Also the Incaa Spaces will have a special program in commemoration of the Day of the Veteran and the Fallen in the Falklands War. In the different theaters throughout the country, the films “Nosotras también estuvimos”, “Falklinas”, “1982” and “Buenas noches Malvinas” will be screened, preceded by Argentine short films. You can already know the program by visiting the billboard of the Incaa.Dieleke Spaces; on April 23, Miguel Monforte’s film, “Héroe corriente”, and on Saturday 30, the documentary “Nosotras también estuvimos”, by Federico Strifezzo.

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