Mhoni Seer tells you in his horoscopes what Mars has in store for you for this week

Mexico. Mhoni Seer brings you up to date in question of what fate has in store for you and based on his famous horoscopes that he shares daily on his social networks.
On this occasion, and particularly for the people of Aries, Mhoni Seer eat that in the coming days the planet Mars in conjunction with the Sun will fill you with energy, especially will bring you a good economic streak. To those of Taurus, Mhoni Seer expresses that Mercury is the planet that will be dominating their lives: “it is said that it will be a few days of a lot of communication with people of power in your work environment.” To the Geminians, the astrologer shares that Venus is the planet that will rule them throughout the week and they will have their best days in love: “Also this planet is, without a doubt, one of the best in terms of closing projects and changes of positive works.” To the people of Cancer, Mhoni Seer makes them see that Saturn is the planet that will be completely dominating them between April 4 and 9, and that it is time for them to reinvent themselves in every way, since they need it.” It’s time to make the decision to be a winner and decide what makes you happy in your life. This planet also tells you to beware of betrayals with friends and loves.” To those of the sign Leo Mhoni Seer indicates that Jupiter will rule their lives this week, and also says: “be careful with your friends, do not be influenced by them, make your own decisions. For single Leos, several very compatible loves are going to come.” Read more: Laura Bozzo reappears and compares Alfredo Adame to this animalTo those of Virgo, Mhoni Seer tells them that Mars will be on their side and they will have a week with a lot of cosmic force “You must be cautious with what you sign in contracts, always try to read it so that you are well advised.” After three hours, they manage to control forest fire on the Mexico-Toluca highway
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