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Hello, I hope you are well, I speak to you from my humble desk (a plastic table in my room of foreigner)PBL, problem-based learning, in this matter we have to learn to work in teams to seek the resolution of problems such as clinical cases of patients in which we have to investigate and learn to solve them in the most effective and medical way possible. But the truth is sometimes a disaster to work as a team, and many times the biggest problem is to follow instructions, and perform them optimally, in my team I have a problem that although I tell them clearly what should be followed they do not do it and many times they exceed my patience, I have to continue explaining them because I am the team leader, but even if it is a martyrdom, we have come out very well in those resolutions and we have come out excellently in our performance. Although sometimes you do not want to work as a team or feel that it is not your gift, learn to do it and draw lessons to progress and get ahead, you can, try to do even what you think is impossible and get a great experience. He studied high school in Cobaes 21, where he was a reporter for the campus and a participant in various entrepreneurship and science fairs, with the projects Gelbact, a plastic crushing machine. He also made several trips during these contests, the most prominent being the entrepreneur’s week in Mexico City, also the first Cobaes entrepreneurs’ fair, in the city of Culiacán. In 2019 he began his university degree in Medicine at the Autonomous University of Durango. He is currently in the third year of his degree. He hopes to finish his university studies and then do a specialty. See more

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