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Course “Neurosciences and creativity”

Every Monday, from April 4 to May 2.
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Free. Limited spaces.
Via Zoom.

With the aim of generating a comprehensive instance of self-care and training for artistic creation and new tools for theatrical pedagogy, until June and through zoom, the First Holistic Seminar of the performer will be held, thanks to the financing of the performing arts fund of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, in the professionalization modality of the sector.
From April 4 to May 2, the virtual training school will continue with the neuroscience and creativity workshop, taught by the expert Sergio Mora, professor of the master’s degree in neuroeducation at the Universities mayor and Finis Terrae. Pharmaceutical Chemist. Degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy from the University of Chile, with improvement in Neuropharmacology (Instituto Superiore di Sanitá, Rome, Italy) and Psychopharmacology (Escola Paulista de Medicina, Sao Paulo, Brazil), Diploma in Teaching in Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile). Director of the Cien Foundation. Master in University Pedagogy (Finis Terrae University).
Sergio Mora.
“A survey I conducted between 2018 and 2020 showed that, among the most common diseases in performing artists, are depression, irritable bowel, anxiety, stage fright, self-esteem problems, stress and musculoskeletal injuries. That is why I believe that a holistic training opportunity for the performer is so important, like this one, and that has never been done before in Chile, “explains Mónica del Rosario Gómez, actress and therapist, creator of the seminar.
The meeting invites us to reflect on complementary tools, from other disciplines, that enhance the resources of the actor, without ignoring and respecting their particularities. In this way, artists will be able to review their performative practices and, at the same time, receive methods and tools not addressed in theater and dance schools that seek to complement, and optimize, the creation and performance in a respectful, responsible and loving way, based on self-care and the incorporation of new knowledge.
“The idea is to open ourselves to thought and dialogue between arts and sciences, and discover how we can work together in a present-future, as well as to promote self-care laboratories aimed at the performer and new practices of self-knowledge that strengthen us, both as human beings, as well as provide us with concrete tools to optimize our creative and pedagogical capacities in this new era, and way of doing art and education,” he concludes.

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